This Looks weird – But I’ll Probably Get one

I’m kinda attracted to weird things. I sometimes find normal as boring. Don’t get me wrong – I love my Water Proof Radio from AbcoTech.

However, I am kinda looking for a cheap and good Bluetooth speakers. Well, I find this weird thing of beauty while browsing through Facebook feeds.

I dont know why I like it – probably the quirky design! I love also the blue one. Check out the rest below, you’ll never know you will find it interesting as I do.

Of Bluetooth speaker choices, an Android user will not run out of those. There are hundreds of products to choose from out there. But if you’re really looking for quality, you will probably look to the better known brands – like JBL, Creative, Harman, and Bose. Ultimate Ears is vying to break into this group, initially with their Boom series of speakers, but this year with a quirky new product called UE Roll.

The UE Roll is a strange sight for a Bluetooth wireless speaker. It is round like a plate, rather like a UFO, with the power button and status LED on the back and the microUSB and 3.5mm aux-in ports somewhat to the side. The Roll is 5.3 inches across, you can easily hold it in one hand. The volume buttons are ingeniously on the top, those big plus and minus signs on the speaker grille.The Roll is IP67-rated for water resistance, and has that elastic cord that you can use to hang it or attach it to almost any position.

You can let it dangle a door knob, attach it to your bike’s handlebars, or tie it to the strap of your backpack – it does the job.Most importantly, you’d want to know what it sounds like – it’s an audio speaker, for crying out loud. With the UE Roll, you get a bass driver and two tweeters – configured so you get that 360-degree sound. You would think the sound quality would suffer, being thin like, and with the waterproofing, but there seems to be none of that issue.

The bass sound is deep enough, very clear vocals (mids). It is actually the brilliance of the highs that suffers – but not enough to be a deal-breaker. The UE Roll retails at USD$99.99. I think I’m in love with these already. Time to get one.

Source: Ultimate Ears Roll is a quirky Bluetooth speaker with oomph – Android Community

This One Is Good But It Wont Replace My Radio Digiales!

For some reason, I keep bumping into interesting speakers. I have already an AbcoTech radio digitales speaker, but I mainly use it for my shower as its waterproof.

For other purposes, I am always open for new kinds of radio speakers.

This time, I find this speakers that changes color. I think you will find this one interesting!

The Yantouch Diamond is a color-changing Bluetooth speaker that pairs with any Bluetooth-capable device to provide quality sound and beautiful ambient light. The Diamond can be controlled with the included remote or a smartphone app to control the volume and select from a range of 16,000,000 colors and lighting effects.

Source: The Yantouch Diamond, A Color-Changing Bluetooth Speaker

An Alternative To My Waterproof Shower Radio?

I found this new bluetooth wearable speakers, and I am thinking if its worth replacing my YlGeneva’s recommended waterproof shower radio.

The wearable bluetooth speaker is kind of nice, but its not really waterproof. I like my radio shower speakers since I use it when taking a bath.

However, I like the fact that this small wearable speaker is able to produce loud sounds. Imaginable feat from this very nifty device.

I will probably get one myself, but its not really a replacement for my shower radio, more like it serves a different purpose.

The WristBoom is a $49 Bluetooth speaker you strap on like a watch. That’s the basic pitch Bigr is selling on the Indiegogo campaign they launched yesterday, albeit with a promotional price of $20 to start. At first glance, it looks like just another vain attempt to jump on the wearables bandwagon, but trying one out myself, it’s actually quite good.The speaker is housed in a nondescript plastic shell, and comes in black, blue, grey, green and red. My grey model came with a matching latex strap which felt soft and comfortable on my wrist.

It’s pretty large – don’t expect it to casually fit under your shirt’s sleeve or otherwise be inconspicuous, but at least it’s surprisingly lightweight.The biggest surprise, however, is that it actually sounds kind of great. Or about as good as you can expect from something small enough to be worn on your wrist.The speaker housing it noticeably larger than my Moto 360 or any regular watch, but it’s really lightThere isn’t a ton bass thump, but that’s nearly impossible with a speaker so small. What it does do is provide a solid and weighty midrange, and a treble that avoids sounding tinny. For more technically-minded audiophiles, the speaker is rated at 4 Ohms and 2 Watts, with a frequency response of 60 hz to 20,000 khz.It also easily gets loud enough to fill a fairly large space – I could hear it throughout my entire apartment – and there was no distortion at maximum volume. Connection was as quick and easy as any Bluetooth device, and I never had issues with the link dropping.

There are some caveats, however. Mainly, there are no music controls – not even play/pause – so you’ll have to do everything from your phone. I can’t see why the On/Off button couldn’t simply be re-purposed for that function; you have to hold the button to shut the device off, so a single quick tap seems like the obvious candidate for pausing.At least it also works as a speakerphone for your voice calls, and people on the other side of the line had no trouble hearing me. The microphone has a relatively short range, so you’ll have to hold the watch up close to your face.As for how long you’ll be able to listen to your music, battery life is rated at 4-6 hours of constant streaming, while charging it back up will take two hours.

There question remains of who actually needs a speaker on their wrist; the obvious answer is “not everyone.”If you don’t want to wear it on your wrist, you can hang it just about anywhereStill, it’s not too hard to imagine how some people people would find it useful. Maybe you go on bike rides and your headphones tend to fall off. Maybe you’re a dancer and you’d appreciate the extra maneuverability. Or maybe you just like the idea of sharing your music on the go instead of confining it to your ear canals – a modern mini boombox of sorts.

It would certainly make you the life of a party.Even if these don’t apply to you, the WristBoom still sounds about as good as any wireless speaker I’ve heard anywhere near its size and price. Minimal controls aside, that alone might be worth the asking price – that you can wear it is a bonus.Bigr is looking to ship the speaker by August if it reaches its $35,000 funding goal. Though the final retail price will be $49, early adopters can currently pre-order one for $20 on the campaign.

Source: This $49 wearable Bluetooth speaker actually sounds pretty great

My Waterproof Radios Is Better Than Your Clone!

There is one thing seems to be prevalent in any free market – if its selling good, copy as much as you can without getting in trouble!In the world of without patents, I might say the situation is even more grim. I was browsing the web and I found out this AbcoTech Waterproof radios clone. It even says – “check” on some features.

But you know what! My AbcoTech came first, and it got everything that is checked PLUS one big factor. Mine is actually comes with a FM radio, and the other one doesn’t!

Tough luck! Go back to you drawing board and start copying… again!

Having to take a shower should not prevent you from listening to your favorite tunes or even answer that all-important phone call. All you need is the Splash Shower Tunes Bluetooth Shower Speaker. FreshETech, the makers of the Splash Shower Tunes, has all the boxes checked when designing this shower speaker.

Waterproof speakers – CHECKED

Bluetooth connectivity so that your phone can be at a safe and dry location – CHECKED

Controls on the speaker for playback, skip and volume control – CHECKED

Ability to answer phone calls – CHECKEDSuction cup to easily stick to bathroom tile – CHECKED

Loud volume so that it can be heard in a shower – CHECKED

Source: Splash Shower Tunes Bluetooth Shower Speaker – GetdatGadget

My Waterproof Portable Radios Vs This Levitating Speakers

I just came across this very cool-looking and very expensive levitating speakers. Now, its time to pit it against my AbcoTech Waterproof Portable Radios! Let the match begin!

First, my speakers are inexpensive! Thats a win

Second, I can listen to it on the radio as its waterproof! Another point for my shower radio.

Third, I can listen to the radio… its a triple knockout combo!

But honestly, its my joke. The two are very different and serve different purpose. Its like compared apples to oranges! But nevertheless, the levitating speakers are worth a share.

As a self-proclaimed tech nerd, it takes a lot to impress me, especially when it comes to home audio. Bluetooth speakers are nothing new, but OM/ONE have definitely changed the game. In this video below, the team introduces their latest product, the OM/ONE levitating speaker. This lightweight speaker is an orb that hovers almost an inch over the magnetic base, but can also be taken on the go for up to 12 hours of use. Similar to other high-end speakers, the OM/ONE also emits above quality sound up to 33 feet away from the device, but what really sets it apart (aside from the fact that it levitates), is that it also serves as an omnidirectional mic, perfect for conference calls or just impressing your friends. Shockingly enough, this speaker is only $199, which to be honest, is a reasonable price for something as cutting edge as this

Source: The Future of Bluetooth Speakers is Here With The World’s First Levitating Speaker | Your EDM

Best Shower Radio – AbcoTech Vs Pulse

I love to listen to the radio while taking a shower. That’s why I have the best shower radio recommended by However, there is all this hype about Pulse shower radio.

Just my 2 cents, this Pulse shower radio is just like a clone to my AbcoTech Shower Radio. But I know for a fact that AbcoTech is the first one to produce and distribute this kind of design. I just made this post so everyone can know that!

Lots of people like to sing in the shower — you and crooner Sam Smith included. Sometimes, though, your incredible belts are disrupted by shower speakers falling off tiles or incoming phone calls (that you can’t very well answer with dripping wet hands).

The CSJ Sounds PULSE! Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker makes these problems a thing of the past. With its super-hold suction cup, you can enjoy up to 6 hours of your favorite tunes in your bathroom or even poolside without it losing grip. Its built-in Mic for easy two-way communication also lets you answer incoming phone calls with the simple press of a button.

The real selling point, according to us: Its high-definition, bluetooth connectivity guarantees your back up vocals will never sound fuzzy — or dare we say, watered down.

Source: This $25 bluetooth speaker will make your showers way better – Business Insider

My Bathroom Speakers Vs The Deathstar! Who Will Win?

You can say im somewhat of big fan of Star Wars! on the other hand I love this YLGeneva’s Bathroom Speakers recommendation. What’s the point behind all this?

Well I recently came across this cool-looking speakers. It’s designed to look like a Death Star! Sadly, it wont be replacing my shower radio for the sole reason that its not waterproof!

However, if I have spare money! I’ll get one as it belongs to my office table!

Music soothes the savage beast, including all Wookiees, Ewoks and possible underfed Wampas. So before unleashing the ultimate “Star Wars” music mix on your friends, family and possible Wookiees, why not play it on the iHome Death Star Bluetooth Speaker from ThinkGeek?

The speaker is a 4.5-inch diameter Death Star on an acrylic stand that also happens to be a wireless speaker with one-touch connectivity to your Bluetooth device.The best part of this Death Star speaker?

It lights up when the music plays like an ominous black disco ball.The speaker uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery that should last up to 8 hours. “Lithium batteries can explode if disassembled, shorted, recharged, exposed to water, fire, or high temperatures, or if somebody drops a bomb into the thermal exhaust port,” ThinkGeek warns potential Death Star owners.

The Death Star speaker retails for $59.99 (about £38, AU$70), plus shipping and handling. Sadly, this does not include a Concave Dish Composite Beam Superlaser for blowing up planets with bad music taste.

Source: That’s no moon, it’s a Death Star Bluetooth speaker – CNET

This Device To Compliment My Bathroom Radio?

I have been exclusively using AbcoTech’s Bathroom Radio. What I can say, I love listening to the radio. The talk shows and the music stations. Recently, I came across this new invention!

Sony has produced a light bulb with a built-in speakers. At that moment, I can only think of turning bathroom into a sound room! Connect my bathroom shower radio to the LED speakers, and whoala! I got my entire bathroom resonating some good music!

This year has introduced some incredible speaker designs. Music lovers now have a slew of choices when it comes to enjoying their favorite sounds, ranging from the encompassing Sound orb, audio sensitive flame monitors, and even the levitating Om-1 to look forward to. Now we can add Sony’s LED Light Bulb Speaker to that list.

Packed into the unassuming housing of a light bulb, Sony’s miniature bluetooth speaker offers an impressive array of incognito applications. Both the speaker and the brightness of the light are controllable via a dedicated remote or the accompanying smartphone app. It’s the perfect answer for discreetly immersing a space in audio.

Cutting edge design is never cheap; these new speakers are listed online for ¥23,880 or $199/£127. The light bulb will make its debut in Japan on May 23rd, but there’s been no hint as to when they’ll be available in Europe or the U.S.

Source: Sony’s New Lightbulbs Feature Bluetooth Speakers | Your EDM

Loving My Waterproof Speaker, But This You Got To See!

I love my waterproof speaker recommended by Geneva’s Hip Electronic Reviews. I mean it got clear sounds and its waterproof, perfect for shower!

Although I love it dearly, this Iron Man helmet actually caught my eye! Im not a big fan of the Avengers, but I do love the movies! But this one I gotta share!

Iron Man always brings the party to The Avengers, but this time he’s doing it quite literally.Just in time for Avengers: Age of Ultron, an Iron Man helmet replica that’s also a wireless Bluetooth speaker will soon hit shelves. With Shellhead’s shell head taking your toy shelf and dinner parties to the next level, it may be the most versatile Iron Man collectible yet. Just sync your Bluetooth-enabled mP3 player with the helmet, and presto–even Tony Stark will want to crash in.The helmet clocks in just under eight inches, making it a 1:1 scale replica of Iron Man’s actual helmet. Sadly, it’s un-wearable, but that shouldn’t slow your Marvel Madness down by much.The speaker costs a hefty $450 from Brando, but when you want to party like Iron Man, you have to be willing to pay the price.

Source: Iron Man Helmet Replica Doubles As A Bluetooth Speaker |

How To Make Your Shower Radio Listen To Meteor Showers! Promise, It Won’t Be Hard

As a kid, you get excited if you see a shooting star. Multiple shooting stars is already a meteor shower and its even more exciting! Now there is a way for this’s Shower Radio to make listen to meteor showers!

Yep! You heard it right! Listen, not watch it!

Why would you want to do that? Oh I dont know, you probably got bored with the usual. Or! You could watch it and listen to it at the same time. The choice is yours.

Below is the step by step guide form Popular Science

How It Works

Meteors leave streams of gases and vaporized material in their wake. These ionized trails, which form at 262,000 to 330,000 feet up, are visible from Earth as bright shooting stars. In addition to shedding light, the trails can also reflect radio waves.With your radio tuned to a distant station, all you can hear is static. But when a meteor trail reflects that station’s signal, it boosts the power. This jump in signal strength is what your radio, with the help of a good FM antenna, picks up. During a shower, the receiver should detect several meteor spikes per hour, despite cloudy conditions or bright light.Happy hunting on the ionized meteor trail!

Project StatsTime: 30 minutes

Cost: $35

Difficulty: 2/5

Materials: Stereo receiver (if you don’t have one at home, try the Sherwood RX-4109, which costs $100 at Radio Shack)4-element FM Yagi antenna (for example, the Winegard HD-6000 Prostar FM antenna for $25)1/4-inch plug headphonesMale-male 1/4-inch audio cablePersonal computer (PC), or a Mac running a Windows emulatorRadio-SkyPipe II software

Optional: USB audio adapter (Adafruit has an adapter for $5)Optional: 1/4-inch-to-3.5mm plugWARNING: Avoid using the radio and antenna system when lightning is present in your area.Instructions

1. Dust off your old stereo receiver and attach an FM Yagi antenna. Then plug in the headphones.

2. Tune the radio to a frequency without reception, between 88 and 108 megahertz, while keeping the antenna in a nearly horizontal orientation. You could attempt to locate a long-distance powerful FM station (operating with a transmission power greater than 30 kilowatts) and use the latitude/longitude coordinates for its transmission tower to guide the orientation of your antenna. But this takes extra effort. It’s much more fun to let serendipity guide your search for FM station reflections.

3. When a meteor passes overhead, its ionized train will reflect FM radio waves, causing an audible spike in signal reception.

4. To record, connect the receiver’s headphone jack and your computer’s line-input jack with an audio cable. Newer PCs might need a USB audio adapter.

5. Download and set up the Radio-SkyPipe II software on your computer, using the online configuration guide. Signal boosts should appear as spikes on your radio strip chart.

6. Adjust the receiver’s volume until the audio signal spikes hit just below the maximum threshold of the radio strip chart. You can now “see” meteors in any weather conditions. Bonus points for scoring a snapshot of a meteor AND a corresponding strip chart spike.

Source: How To Repurpose Your Old Radio To Listen To Meteor Showers | Popular Science